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Create remarkable and exclusive QR-Codes to share your digital medias or just for fun.

What our users are saying.


Super great app, I don't give reviews often
but I needed a QR code for my business and this app made it easy.

Mo4738 I've tried so many other apps for QR fire and this is the best by far.

KittyCatriona Love this app. Simple quick and boom access to my content through the latest technology.

Easy to use and high quality codes

🖌️ 100% customizable

My QRCode Generator is the most advanced app to easily create your unique and customized QR Code.
Fully customize your QR-Code from an unlimited choice of colors and gradients with our generator.

🖼️ 150+ templates

If you need inspiration, we offer over 150 themed templates to enhance your QR-code.

🎨 Color Palette

Take or import a picture from your phone to use the colors and make your graphic chart.

✅ Quality Check

Check the readability of your QRCode with the Quality Check. The URL and content of your QR-code are analyzed to ensure that it provides access to the right information.

📋 History

Find all your QRCodes in the history to save time. The history is essential to quickly access all your scanned or created QR-Codes. It allows you to keep your creations to reuse and/or reprint them.

📢 Dynamic QR-Code

You can keep the design of your QR-Code while changing its URL endlessly. You can track user interactions and get graphs to evaluate the effectiveness and performance of your marketing campaigns.

🤩 Unlimited scans

With My QRCode Generator, you can QR Codes and barcodes endlessly.


Adding the Widget to your iPhone Home Screen for faster access to the app and analytics.

📤 Export by batches

Export your QR-Code in different formats. To best adapt your QR-Code to the communication medium of your choice, you can export it in .png, .jpg, .pdf format and print it in batches.


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