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Create and export custom statics or dynamics QR Codes
in the image of your company.

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Super great app, I don't give reviews often
but I needed a QR code for my business and this app made it easy.

Mo4738 I've tried so many other apps for QR fire and this is the best by far.

KittyCatriona Love this app. Simple quick and boom access to my content through the latest technology.

Easy to use and high quality codes

Dynamic QRCode

Before, MyQRCode Generator only allowed you to create and customize static QRCodes (containing a URL that leads to a website for example and that you cannot modify). Today, we allow you to do more! Dynamic QRCodes that are infinitely changeable. The destination URL can be modified and offers you a multitude of possibilities for your business. And to make your experience even better, we've integrated data analytics to measure and evaluate the performance rate of your dynamic QRCodes, including the number of scans per year, month, week and day. This data will allow you to evaluate the success of your campaign with your customers. The second major innovation is the notification system that informs you when your QRCode is scanned by someone.

quick and easy

Create your custom QRCode

Thanks to a simple scan, your customers can then view your menu online, access your website, connect to your Wifi network, view and subscribe to your Facebook page or Instagram account, join your Facebook group, send you an email, and more.


Powerfull advanced QRCode

With My QRCode Generator you can change the colors, add a gradient, change the text under the QR matrix and change its font, change the icon and its position, add a frame, change its color and text. What's new? You can now create a color palette from an image, add an icon in the QRCode from the clipboard and scan a QR Code by pasting an image from the clipboard.


Differents exports modes

You can choose the format when exporting a full page QRCode with My QRCode Generator.


Export by batches

To simplify printing on label sheets, My QRCode Generator has a batch export mode. Choose the labelformat from the list available and print your QRCode on as many labels as you need.


QRCode Quality Check

An efficient and effective QRCode is a QRCode accessible by the person who scanned it, that's why My QRCode Generator provides you with a QRCode checker. With this tool : no more unreadable QRCodes that don't contain the right URL or data. Make sure your QRCode meets your requirements with the Quality Check Engine before exporting it.


History of created and scanned

Find all your created and scanned QRCodes in the history tab of the My QRCode Generator application.



To allow the user to access your content in different ways, your QRCode can support various data formats. My QRCode Generator allows you to export it to text, URL, phone, SMS, Wifi, email, vCard, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.


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